Tech Giants rally for the people

Can companies PR campaigns change world opinion?  Well the answer to that is debatable, however in this case the companies are in agreement with public opinion and are rallying against the government.  On Monday, “Major technology companies, stung by revelations that the U.S. government collects people’s personal data on their networks, on Monday issued an open letter to President Barack Obama asking for tighter controls on surveillance.” (Kirka, 2013).

This movement is part of the tech giants strategy to convince the public that they had no control over the government accessing personal information on their sites.  “By virtue of connecting directly with a massive proportion of the U.S. population, the companies “have a huge reach,” Castro said. “They want people to be supporting and rallying around this effort” (Kirka, 2013). While that may or may not be true, they are giving this argument everything they have and making it very public. “They accompanied it with an open letter, in the form of full-page ads in national newspapers, including The New York Times, and a website detailing their concerns” Wyatt & Miller, 2013).  In hopes that this will not only convince the public that they are innocent in this revelation, but to get everyone buzzing about this issue and hopefully get the government to come to reasonable solution.

Check out this video to see how it all began:

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